[The New Order Last Days Europe] 急進環境主義ナチズム



名前:急進環境主義ナチズム(Deep Ecology Nazism)

分類:教義的ナチズム(Esoteric Nazism)



The dove is white; nature is as it should be. Nature is not kind or accepting — it simply *is*. Nature is disciplined and thrifty, although in its own way peaceful, and no single human race inhabits it, just diffuse clades of human beings. Nothing is universal; everything first takes root in a place all its own. Ecology is the science of natural divisions. Ecology is the science of nations. Ecology is the science of the Fatherland.
Deep Ecology Nazism is a strain of National Socialism born from the excesses of industrial warfare. Its first adherents witnessed the massacre of Aryan men in wars of aggression. They saw mercury seep into the soil and watched tanks press soldiers into the earth until man and mud mixed. War polluted the Aryan man and his living space. Deep Ecology Nazism offers a vision of a peaceful land where Aryans sing of overgrown tillage and high mountains which, like ribs of stone, remind the Volk of their oneness with the Fatherland. It is an ideology that attempts to offer a way to sustainably connect with the land as the Aryans’ ancestors did, and its adherents solemnly pledge to defend that land with the tools of the Industrial Revolution if necessary.
The right state of nature is the absence of the foreign; the Aryan’s land is his alone. There is no slavery in the Aryan’s land because no subhumans still dwell there, as the natural order culled them long ago. There is no war in the Aryan’s land because the Aryan already has his living space, his rightful land, the land of his forefathers. There is harmony and freedom in the Aryan land. There is oneness with nature and nation in the Aryan land. There is hope and optimism once more in the Aryan land.